Ecosystems flux and flow in a state of balance, but key balancing elements from each of Oregon's seven regions have recently gone missing.

Can you find the elements and help restore the balance to Oregon before it is too late?

Follow the map on the next page to explore the interactive installations at Land Lab. Find each of the missing elements, restore the balance, and receive your badge of valor.

The fate of Oregon's ecological and cultural richness rests in your hands!

Begin Experience

How to Play

Start at Land Lab located here:

Map to site

Grab a brochure from either information stand or any of the installations at the Land Lab site:

Land Lab Brochure


Explore each region. Go in any order.

Find the clues you need to discover the missing elements and activate the region's fluxport. Use the spaces to the left to document your discoveries and enter them online.

Once you have found the elements and visited all seven fluxports, get your badge of valor using the passcode provided.